Top four Reasons to study in Germany

Top four Reasons to study in Germany

Before we discuss why to study in Germany let’s have a look on some interesting facts and figures about the country.

Germany officially the federal republic of Germany. Germany is one of the fascinating countries in the world who share its border with nine other countries. Germany is leader in the manufacturing industry. Germany is a powerful country with a population estimate 8.28 crores (in 2018) making it a 16th biggest country when it comes to population. Germany is on third position for imports and also third highest in export.

Germany is the country of education and they pride them self as very knowledgeable people. There are hundreds of universities in Germany but out of all of them Heidelberg university is oldest one in the country. Being established in 1386 this university is ranked as one of the highest universities for education in the country.

Following are the top four reasons for study in Germany:
1. Zero tuition fee:

Public universities do not charge any fees on tuition because government provides subsidy for the higher education in Germany. There are more than 400 higher education institutions in Germany which have about 2.5 millions student enrolled at this point of time. More than 90% Students are studying in public sector where there is 0% tuition fee.

Tuition fee is zero it doesn’t means that you don’t have to pay anything to these universities.

Following figures explains your cost structure once you start study in Germany.

  • 400 to 500 Euro per semester for administration fee, contribution charge, Travel expense
  • 700 Euro approximately per month for living cost
2. Best Technical Institution:

Germany is the country who has a world class technical institution including medical institution and management institution. Germen education system is divided into three main parts of institution.

  • Universities and technical universities
  • Universities of applied siences
  • Collages of music art and theater etc

Germen education system is a research oriented education system rather than a theory. They teach their students, how to apply theoretical knowledge in practical world. Means there education system provides best industrial knowledge to the students. They don’t only give you a degree but also prepare you for job market.

3. Better work opportunities

Germany offers a substantial number of work opportunities for students.

The country has an aging population hence they need more young professionals means they need more and more doctors, engineers, architects, and other professionals as well. When somebody has a German degree they are certainly more preferred.

Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world after us, china and japan. Jobs are plenty but there is a certain sector where students have more opportunities than other sectors.

Following are the top sectors where students have a more scope

  • Mechanical automotive
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Mechanical automotive
  • Chemical engineering
  • Reusable power sector job
  • Medical Sector
  • Information Technology
  • Education and training sector

German universities have their own Carrie centers, which will help you to get a better job.

4. Lower Blocked Funds:

When you go to study in Germany you have to apply for a national visa. This visa has the number of different requirements and one of the requirements places the sum of money in a blocked account to show them that you have the capability of financing one-year living expenses. This amount is lower because they don’t have the tuition fees.

You need to open this blocked account as soon as you get a university acceptance letter. You could also open this account in your home country before you go there. You need to place 8640 Euros in your blocked account for every year. 8640 Euros is equal to 6 lakh 80 thousand Indian rupees at the current exchange rate.

Late I tell you if you are willing to study in us or Canada this amount will much higher. You need to show more than 15 lakh Indian rupees in your blocked account to study in the US or Canada.