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Tips and advice to study abroad

In this article, we are going to share our experience which will definitely help you while study abroad. This article also helps you to find out the answer to your question about study abroad. Hare we are going to cover some extra useful tips which no one tells you.

1) Accommodation advice: :

Living a new country is a bit difficult for students because they don’t have experience of living in a new country and finding accommodation in a new country is also a difficult task. Taking room on rent in a foreign country is very costly hence we advise you to take accommodation at your university campus. Good University provides great facilities like wifi, fridge, washing machine and other electronic equipment to the students.

If you don’t want to live in a college hostel and you have enough money then you can find room on rent on Google.

2) Advice for getting a new country::

Research is very important to find out the most economical flight to reach a new country. As the best study abroad consultancy we suggest you visit more website and compare the rates of flight and then select one as per your convenience.

Another biggest headache for students is the shifting of goods. If you have fewer loads with you then you can do it by yourself but if you have multiple bags with you then we suggest you choose the shipping company which ships your bags at your accommodation this will helps you to make your shipping hassle-free.

3) Advice about meeting new people :

We advise you to meet local peoples and follow them on social media to make a connection. So, after your meeting send them a friend request on Facebook or try to connect using other social media channels. Visiting public places like museums and landmarks is also a good option to make a connection with local peoples. You can also join clubs or volunteer organization within your university to connect with local students.

4) Learning a foreign language:

If you are going to study abroad, chances are the language of the host country which you are not familiar with. If you are thinking to join classes to learn a regional language then we suggest you don’t join classes and instead watch online videos and make friends from the local city which will help you to learn the language very quickly.

Don’t afraid to make a mistake while speaking the regional language with your close friends because everyone makes mistakes. I mean don’t worry about grammar and spelling just try to speak and write the language so you can improve it.

5) Advice to money management:

If you are a normal student and studying in a different country then you should have to save your money because, if you are studying in countries like the USA then you have to pay in dollars which is more costly than Indian currency.

To keep track of your money we suggest you download an app from your bank so you can check your balance where ever you are and it’s also important to keep track of your money.

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